An RPG for a story that I'm writing. Not published, so no one will know what the book is about unless they RP.
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Canon Availability
This is a list of all the canon characters. Those that are colored are already taken.

Jessa Chrysaor
Malina Chrysaor
Ava Chrysaor
Travis Fields
Aurora Perimoor - female
Zack Milton - male
Aiden Bray - male
Damon Montgomery - male
Kael Brokenean - female
Jared “Skull” Miller
Denzie Otra - female
Hayden Richard - female
Christian Riley - male
Ryan Thomas - male
Harlan Keavney - male
Rowan Keavney - female
Blaise Alrode - female
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 Forum Rules {Updated November 23rd, 2008}

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Forum Rules {Updated November 23rd, 2008} Empty
PostSubject: Forum Rules {Updated November 23rd, 2008}   Forum Rules {Updated November 23rd, 2008} Icon_minitimeTue Jul 01, 2008 1:24 pm


  • Do not bump threads older than two weeks old. These threads will be automatically locked.

  • Keep your account active. If we do not hear from you within one month, your account will be removed. If you have a canon character, it will be given to someone else who deserves it. If you are going to be gone for a while, tell an admin so we know the reason for your inactivity.

  • No feeder accounts, meaning you can only have ONE account. Discovered violators will be punished.

  • Before you begin role playing, read the rules and wait until your character application is accepted.

  • 1 cannon per person. Up to three original characters, unless given special permissions.

  • If choosing a canon character, make sure you are willing to keep up with it. You are not allowed to drop it after a few days, so think it through. It screws up with the plots, so make sure you really want that character.

  • If you are going to be having a rated R thread, including drugs, sex, alcohol, etc, make sure you write it after the title. (Ex: Title of Thread [Rated R]) It's a warning to the other members, letting them know they should keep it private. Especially younger members.

  • Also, please do not force people into rated R threads either. It's very disrespectful to the person you're posting with.

  • At least three sentences per post. NO ONE LINERS. Sorry.

  • Everyone needs to post in third person point of view. It makes the role play much better.

  • Absolutely no God Modding. What is this? When a person controls what the other is doing. You are not allowed to do that for several reasons. Mainly because it is unfair and unjust for the other person.

  • It is prohibited to kill canon characters and original one's. The only way you can kill them is by discussing it with the person whom plays the character that will be killed. If they accept, and the plot works out, then it is ok. But you just can't say, "Let's kill Jessa" and then you kill her. No. You have to talk it out with the person, and if it's ok with them, then so be it.

  • It is also prohibited to change someone without the consent of the player and an admin. The vampire must post an application in the applications board, and the human must post saying the player of the vampire has his/her consent to change their character.

  • Another related thing to this is bringing back dead characters. That is a BIG NO-NO on this site. Once your character dies, it's dead. No more "resurrections." The only exception to this is if you would like the spirit to come back during a SITE PLOT to warn someone, and for this, you MUST have MY approval.

  • If you want your character to have a child you need to apply to be a parent. Please post your application in the correct board we've designated for this.

  • We ask that you really consider who you give your child to, should you choose to give it up. If you work really hard on your application for your child you want to give it to a person you trust will keep it up and do a good job with it.

  • The administration will also decide if the child will be male/female and if you're one of the lucky people to have a single child, twins, or triplets. You can request, but in real life, you don't get to chose, so you won't get to chose here either.

  • All characters must have a first and last name.

  • Humans do not know about vampires or werewolves. The ONLY exception to this is if your vampire or werewolf has fallen in love with a human and decides to tell the human so the human has a choice about the relationship. But you must ask an admin if it's okay for your character to tell about their nature.

  • Be respectful to others, this includes admin. We are what keeps this place in order, so when you start disrespecting us you're in trouble.

  • Cursing is allowed, but only in small amounts.

  • Graphics can be any size as long as they do not stretch the page or force people to scroll.

  • 25 Members max per Vampire Coven or Werewolf Pack, unless other permissions given.

  • Sagae covens may have up to 40 members. No more than that.

    • 12 members a circle, 3 circles per coven
    • 1 Crone per circle, 3 Crones per coven
    • 1 Apprentice per Coven, meaning the Apprentice gets to go around deciding about which Circle he/she want to be in when the time comes

  • Please do not pester others to post with you. Subsequently asking one to post with you annoys the heck out of people, and can cause conflicts so don't do that.

  • You may not bypass any area restirictions without my or another admins consent and permission.

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I have my own limitations you idiot.

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I can only roleplay on the weekends.

Forum Rules {Updated November 23rd, 2008} Jessabanner2

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Forum Rules {Updated November 23rd, 2008}
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